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Icon & Conversions Reference Guide

The following icons are used on GreenPlanet products labeling as well as product pages. You may see all green icons or some may be colored depending on the labeling of the individual products.

Type of Nutrients

Base NutrientsBase Nutrients

Base NutrientsThe most essential icon, as it represents the foundation of your plant’s diet. Base nutrients provide all the necessary elements for plant growth such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Sulfur, and several other minor elements.

AdditivesAdditives & Supplements

AdditiveThis icon means that this particular product can be added to your plants diet to optimize performance in a specified area like aroma or bloom.

Maintenance StageMaintenance

MaintenanceSome of our nutrients specialize in maintaining or preserving a particular area in a plant’s life cycle, such as pH levels.

HydroponicsFor Use In Hydroponics, Coco, Soil or Soilless growing

COCOSoil/SoillessContinuous Liquid Feed ProgramOur nutrients are designed to be used in every type of garden. Please read the labels for recommendations for your particular type of growing.

Plant Stages

FloweringFlowering Stage

FloweringGreen Planet bottles with this icon mean that this product is ideal to use during the flowering stage, which helps the yield of your flower sets, vegetables, and fruits.

VegetativeVegetative Stage

VegetativeWhen you see this icon on one of our products, you’ll know that you can use it during the vegetative stage of your plant to ensure the growth & development.

Types of Fertilizers

Dry FertilizerDry Fertilizer

This fertilizer is totally made of natural materials such as compost and manure which are left to dry into a solid form and then used in gardens or fields.

Liquid FertilizerLiquid Fertilizer

The fertilizer, available to be used for plants is produced in a liquid form from completely natural raw materials without causing damage to the environment.

Size Conversion Guide

The following is a list of conversions for product sizing. Imperial to Metric

  • 1tsp = 5ml
  • 1tbsp = 15ml
  • 1oz = 30ml
  • 1qt = 946ml
  • 1L = 1000ml
  • 1gal = 3.785L

Calculate your nutrients for your various GreenPlanet Feed Products operations by clicking on the link.

  1. Select your Feed Program
  2. Select your Feed Type (Recirculating or Drain to Waste)
  3. Select your preferred measurement (Litres or Imperial Gallons)
  4. Add your reservoir size
  5. Download your custom Feed Program details